New Brisbane Plant Nursery Display Area

Our New Brisbane Plant Nursery Display Area

This year at Daly’s Native Plants nursery we have created a superb walkthrough garden, containing an array of beautiful native and specialty plants.

The garden allows our customers to safely observe our top-quality range of plants in a garden setting as opposed to in rows out in the paddock. We have specifically designed our display area this way to provide our customers with ideas of how they can design their own front and backyard’s.

It’s set up with myriads of plant combinations, ranging from collections of native plants to more tropical and colourful specialty plants and even mixtures of both so if you love the look you can implement it straight into your very own garden.

There’s truly no better way to create, revamp or inspire your garden then to come visit and frolic through ours. Come visit our Brisbane plant nursery display for yourself to get some design inspiration or to see our extensive range of plants, shrubs and trees.

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