Top Selling Plant Randia Fitzalanii

Our Top Selling Australian Plant

At Daly's Native Plants we grow and stock an extensive range of plants. However, there are always a few types of plants that sell more than others and are often requested on a daily basis. This article highlights the plants that our best selling and top requested all year around.

The Randia Fitzalanii is our best-selling plant at Daly’s Native Plants nursery, consistently in high demand year in year out we plant and sell thousands each year to our beloved customers. As these plants are constantly walking out the door, we endeavour to provide the best quality of Randia you’ll see at any nursery hoping they’ll be shown off in our community’s best gardens as a beautiful feature plant. They’re an Australian native and are also commonly known as an Atractocarpus Fitzalanii or Yellow Mangosteen. This is a plant often found in the coastal forests and regions ranging from Far North Queensland down through to Mackay.

Randia’s are a large subtropical native shrub or evergreen tree with eye-catching glossy green foliage. They blossom clusters of sweet scented starry white flowers with a fragrance akin to a Gardenia’s. This plant flowers in the spring season, accompanied by big brown edible fruit (fruits can grow up to 7cm in diameter) which are ready to consume once they’ve ripened into a yellow and softer fruit. The fruits of a Randia are able to be enjoyed on their own but have also been known to be used in salads, tarts, cakes and other desserts too.

There are many ways to grow and maintain a Randia. They’re mostly suited to tropical gardens and feature planting; however, with regular pruning they can remain as pot plants or shrubs. If you maintain them to a smaller shrub or pot plant, they’re ideal for patio planting where you can enjoy the beautiful scent blowing by in the wind. Alternatively, grown as a tree Randia Fitzalanii’s can reach up to a height of 6m tall and 3m wide providing shade during our scorching hot summertimes.

While these trees are still young and small, make sure to protect these plants from harsh winds and those blistering mid-afternoon suns. However, once they’re established, they can withstand full sun in our boiling climates, being in partial shade and strong winds. Randia’s prefer an environment with warmth and moisture, so it’s paramount to make sure your plants aren’t in complete shade, also utilising much to conserve your soil’s moisture and keeping it thoroughly watered throughout the dry season are also essential to growing the best Randia.

Ensuring your Randia has soil with adequate drainage is also key to its’ survival. At our nursery, we take all these precautions with all of our plants so we can guarantee when you take them home, they’ll grow into the most luscious tree in your street. We have a large range of Randia’s for sale in sizes 200mm pots, 25L bags, 45L bags, 100L bags and 200L bags. So why not make a Randia one of your gorgeous feature plants in your garden and have a glass of wine while its’ delicious scent blows through your house.

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