Bird Attracting Plants

The Best Bird Attracting Plants In Australia

Australia is jam packed with some of the most beautiful and unique wildlife across the entire globe. Due to this, one of our most commonly asked questions is always “what are your most bird attracting plants?

So, if you’re looking to tantalize natures creatures and draw them into your garden, we are the nursery for you as we have plenty of plants that’ll bring nature to your very own backyard.

The first plant on this list is our Strelitzia’s (aka Bird of Paradise), these are an extremely popular plant in many Australian gardens. Their common name stems from their elegant flowers – these are beautifully multi-coloured blooms perched on long stems resembling the shape of tropical birds. They’re more than just pretty plants though. Their bird shaped flowers not only give the impression of birds in your garden but also attract them to it. With these around, your garden will be full of wonderful colour and natures beauties. Additionally, these hardy plants are able to withstand drought, salty coastal conditions, light frost and general neglect. These are perfect for beginner gardeners as they don’t require a lot of maintenance once established.

Next we have our Metrosideros Thomasii, these can be used as charming feature trees or for screening/hedging too. These are some of the best bird and butterfly attracting plants to implement into your garden as they’re adaptable to most soils, thus making them easy to grow and maintain through both wet and dry seasons – ideally these plants are suitable for coastal conditions. These trees grow flowers sporadically throughout the year but heavily bloom their extremely vibrant red flowers during the spring season. These flowers stand out against their evergreen foliage really catching the eyes of animals, guaranteeing that you’ll have your very own nature reserve in your backyard.

Grevillea’s are great bird plants too, there’s a large range of Grevilleas and all of them are excellent at bringing birds into your garden. This is because the flowers they bloom are all nectar-bearing, meaning the grab the attention of nectar-feeding birds (e.g. wattle birds) and any other nectar feeding animals. Most Grevilleas also carry seeds allowing them to attract seed eating animals too like cockatoos. Also, most Grevilleas are known to provide protection and fabulous, safe nesting areas for birds due to their dense and pricklier foliage, making them even more desirable for all birds. All Grevillea species are very easy to grow, even in dryer conditions they can survive, some bloom all year round but most of their blooming seasons are winter and spring. The Grevillea’s share many similar qualities to Callistemon’s, as a result Callistemon are also extremely bird attracting plants and thus another exceedingly popular plant at our nursery.

More commonly known as bottlebrushes, these plants contain a high source of nectar for bees and insects, which in turn attract nectar eating birds and insectivorous birds such as wrens and thornbills, they’re also known to attract ringtail possums who love eating their flowers. These high nectar producing plants are adored by birds and are magnificent additions to any garden, they attract birds the most during their blooming season in the Australian spring and summer time and are very easy to care for too.

These are our best bird attracting plants and they’re always in high demand and all year round. We sell these in sizes ranging from 200mm pots to 45L bags so you can add them to your garden while they’re small and see them grow into maturity in your backyard or plant an already established tree into your home garden today and have birds and butterflies there tomorrow.

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